Billy, Baby Beignet & Lou-Z-Anna 

  Coyote Canyon Catahoula

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Yep, they may look a bit surly, but they're my loving girlies

February 20, 2018

Today, Baby passed away. Her illness finally claimed her life. We buried her under an oak tree at Sierra Bella Terra. I've had a few dogs in my lifetime, but never one that I bonded to like Baby. For me, there'll never be another.

I am attempting to collect all photos of (mainly) her - so many memories of a decade. 

Update Summer, 2017

It hasn't been an easy summer. Baby had mammary gland tumors; the day before her scheduled surgery, I took the dogs up to the ranch - as usual, I let them out at the gate then headed up the hill. This time, somehow Lou got underneath one of the wheels. I heard her yelp for her life - I stopped &I got out, and there was my dear Lou wailing for pain ! I thought she broke a leg - was not sure about internal injuries so to the vet we went. She was xrayed, and found her pelvis was broken in 3 places. It could have been sooooo much worse. The next two weeks were really tough. She had so much pain. A few times, I thought maybe it would be best if Lou was put down. Then just like that she snapped out of it, and has been fine ever since! 

We delayed Baby's surgery for a week, which she went through like a trooper. It's like she had a tummy tuck (she was quite baggy!) 

So while Lou was going through her ordeal, there's Baby with her issue. But now, six weeks later, they're both doing fine!!!!!

January, 2018 Update:

In December we discovered that Baby's tumors are back. The vet told us, given her age, another surgery is not advisable - so we are trying a few herbal remedies, zeolite & essiac (?)tea . She is pretty much stuck to her bed. Check for updates