Billy, Baby Beignet & Lou-Z-Anna 

  Coyote Canyon Catahoula

She's my Baba Lou.

On May 3rd, 2013, Lou was bitten by a rattlesnake. It was a minor bite, but I took her into the vet anyway. While she was there, the vet found something in her ear and asked me if I wanted it removed (duh). What happened afterwards in unclear (I'll try to explain it later) but the upshot was, she got a double ear infection, and lost her hearing. She is now in a silent world. That has broken my heart - I know other people have much larger tragedies that happen to their loved ones, but nonetheless I cannot get over this. Of course she doesn't know she's deaf - it hasn't changed her demeanor one iota, she is the sweetest dog in the whole wide world.

She's a go getter too - deaf or not. The video on the left was taken one time when the meter man came, we had to put the dogs up for a few minutes. Letting them out is always a hoot - as Lou has to investigate!!!